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Samsung S9 original charger test: does not support QC2.0 fast charge

22 views Yuda Electronic (HK) Technology Co.,Limited. 2018-06-29

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Samsung EP-TA200 phone charger has witnessed the rise and decline of several generations of Samsung mobile phones. It is called the longest mobile phone charger. Regardless of whether it is a mobile phone or phone charger, Samsung has always used its own AFC and QC2.0 fast charging protocols.


In daily use, we can use QC fast charge, but also can use Samsung’s charger to quickly charge most mobile power and QC standard mobile phones.


Samsung S9 original charger


White is Samsung’s old fast charger, and black is the new version. From the aspect of product appearance, the new charger is not too different from the old version, but the front is less “Adaptive Fast Charging” than the old one. In addition to the production date and S/N code, the charger models are all EP-TA200, and other parameters are almost the same. Therefore, as an ordinary user, it is difficult to distinguish the appearance of the product.


Performance, using the ChargerLAB POWER-Z KT001 test, the old version supports USB DCP protocol and QC2.0, AFC fast charge. The new charger supports USB PD protocol and AFC fast charge, POWER-Z KT001 does not detect QC2.0 fast charge protocol.  The old charger supports Xiaomi 5 mobile phone (QC3.0) fast charge, 8.95V/1.34A, power about 12W. The new phone charger does not support Xiaomi 5’s fast charging, and it also appears that it cannot be charged normally.

Samsung S9 original charger test

Samsung’s old EP-TA200 charger supports fast charging of the millet mobile power supply (QC2.0). the power is about 16W. The new EP-TA200 can only charge 5V/2A to Xiaomi’s mobile power supply, which means it cannot be charged quickly. In other words, Samsung’s new EP-TA200 charger really cannot charge Xiaomi 5 normally.


Test summary, Samsung’s new EP-TA200 (S9 original charger) has indeed shielded the QC2.0 fast charge protocol. In addition, the test also found that the new version of the EP-TA200 cannot provide normal power supply for the QC3.0 standard cell phones such as Xiaomi 5. Since the appearance of the two chargers is not very different, users need to pay more attention when purchasing.


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