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Smart Phone use a Built-in Lithium Battery is Good or Bad

11 views Yuda Electronic (HK) Technology Co.,Limited. 2018-08-07

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In the era of intelligence, the development of smart phones is inevitable, but the power is not durable, and the durability of the battery has always been very troublesome for researchers of mobile phone battery manufacturers. Lithium batteries will reduce capacity as they are used. A large proportion of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers currently use built-in lithium batteries, including Apple, Samsung, and Motorola. However, due to the problem of endurance, quite a few consumers prefer mobile phones with replaceable batteries.


First, the advantage:


1. Thinning: Because the lithium battery adopts a fixed method, it does not need to occupy more space, making the mobile phone appear thinner.


2, the randomization of mobile phone battery: This is conducive to each company to design a different mobile phone products.


3, more solid: Generally speaking, the non-replaceable battery is a polymer lithium battery, because it can be squared, it is convenient to design close to the phone casing, so that the overall phone is more solid.


4, do not have to worry about counterfeit and shoddy batteries, for the safety of consumers.

built-in lithium battery


Second, the disadvantage:


1. Concerns about long-distance travel.


2, the maintenance cost is high, taking the Apple iphone as an example, the maintenance cost caused by the damage of the lithium battery is as high as more than 100 US dollars, which is more expensive than replacing the original lithium battery.


3, the damage to the battery, the built-in lithium battery phone can not replace the battery, so we can only maintain the power through frequent charging, but constantly charging a battery frequently, the performance of the mobile phone battery will cause a certain reduction.


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