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How to solve mobile battery overheating

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Cause of battery heating


The power consumption of the mobile phone in standby is very small, that is, the load resistance of its cell phone battery is large, so the discharge current is very small, so the battery does not generate heat and the internal power consumption of the battery power is very small. The power consumption of a mobile phone during a call is very large, that is to say that its battery has a low load resistance and discharges a large current during operation. After the battery discharges part of the electricity, the internal resistance increases. However, the current required for the mobile phone to work cannot be reduced. Then, a considerable part of the energy is consumed in the internal resistance of the battery, causing the battery to heat up and discharge to accelerate. Use time is also shortened quickly.


The harm of cell phone battery heat


1. The prolonged heating of the mobile phone battery may cause the internal parts of the mobile phone to heat up, which may cause the mobile phone to restart.


2, mobile phone battery heat for a long time will make the battery itself, although the increase in heat, if it is sealed, the battery will make its internal air swell, and may cause the battery to explode.


3, Long-term fever of mobile phone battery will accelerate the aging process of the mobile phone itself, shorten its life.


Preventive methods


1 . When the mobile phone is at normal room temperature, the heat should not exceed 60 °C. Otherwise it is easy to damage the battery.

2 . The use of high-current chargers should not be too long. Charging the battery for too long will damage the battery and generate heat.

3 . The charger is best to use original or better-quality products.


4 . If you are not in a hurry to use it, it is recommended that you use slow charging as it will not cause the battery to heat up.


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