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Some knowledge about the phone charger

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In general, most of the mobile phone chargers we use are original mobile phone chargers, but sometimes we will use other chargers. When we go out for emergency charging, we borrow someone else’s charger; use the tablet charger to charge the phone, the original charger damage, buy a third-party brand charger.

Speaking of mobile phone chargers, if you pay attention to it, you will find that a charger may be labeled with different output power, and different brands of charger output power are also different.


Mainstream output power of mobile phone charger


The output power is 5V/1A, and currently it is the mobile phone charger for iPhones and Android low-end phones.
The 5V/2A that was born in QC1.0 is currently the standard output power. Many mainstream mid-range mobile phones on the market use this charging specification charger.


Qualcomm QC2.0 charger specifications, mainstream voltage specifications are 5V/9V/12V, current specifications are 1.5A/2A specifications;
Qualcomm QC3.0 voltage specification from 3.6V-20V range, common output specifications, such as 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A mode.
Qualcomm QC4.0, the overall power is up to 28W, 5V can output up to 5.6A, 9V can output up to 3A, and its upgraded version of Qualcomm QC4.0+, currently only a few mobile phones support.


What should I pay attention to when using a non-original charger?

Since the mobile phone is charging when it determines the charging current is the mobile phone itself, when charging, the mobile phone generally automatically detects the load capacity of the charger and determines the current input amount according to its own power.

knowledge about the phone charger


1. When using a high-power charger to charge a low-power mobile phone, is it harmful to the mobile phone?


The hazard is small because the phone has a current adaptive function. Therefore, when the mobile phone is in the charging mode of 5V/2A, if the charger is charged by the 9V/2A charger, the charger will automatically recognize the charging specification of 5V/2A. Another example is the high-powered iPad charger that can charge a small-powered iPhone and work with the iPhone’s current standard.


2. Does the low-power charger charge the high-powered mobile phone and hurt the mobile phone?


The agreement does not hurt the machine, such as the iPhone8 supports fast charge, but the 5V/1A charger protocol is configured, this will not affect. If there is no protocol charger, the charger is working at full speed, causing the phone to heat up and damage the charger. So usually, don’t charge a 5V/2A and higher power phone with a 5V/1A charger.


3, fast charge charger to charge non-fast charge mobile phone, will hurt the phone?


At present, some fast-charge chargers on the market, in addition to having fast charging power, will retain the standard charging power of 5V/2A, such as Huawei’s P10 and Samsung’s S8. This setting is mainly to prevent us from using the fast charge charger on a mobile phone that does not have a fast charge function, resulting in accidental damage to the mobile phone.

knowledge about the phone charger


4. What is the choice of third-party brand chargers?


Due to the compatibility of third-party brands, it is basically a universal mobile phone. However, the charger with the highest candidate matching degree can be purchased. For example, if the mobile phone supports QC3.0 protocol, then the third-party brand charger of QC3.0 can be selected in a targeted manner.

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