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Three Ways to Improve Mobile Phone Battery Life

166 views Yuda Electronic (HK) Technology Co.,Limited. 2018-04-16

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Most mobile phone batteries are lithium batteries. However, lithium batteries can also be divided into many types. In general, mobile phone battery life is limited to three to five years, but in two to three years, mobile phone battery performance will rapidly decline. No matter how you use it, the battery life is hardly more than five years. However, if you do not use the battery correctly, you may feel that the mobile phone battery life has dropped sharply in half a year. So, how should we use this?

Maintain high battery capacity

Unlike nickel-cadmium batteries, the special structure of a lithium battery makes it have good performance at high power, and it may cause partial electrolyte inactivity when the power is low. Causes the battery capacity of the mobile phone to drop. Therefore, it is best for mobile phones to maintain high power in their daily lives, and high battery power generally refers to 60% or more.

mobile phone battery capacity

Try to avoid overcharging

When using a mobile phone at night, the phone is often plugged in before going to sleep, and it stays full the next morning. However, over-charging lithium batteries cannot be ignored. Avoid overcharging as much as possible to ensure battery performance. The Apple mobile phone has special features. After the full power, the charging rate will be consistent with the consumption rate, so there is usually no overcharge problem, and some Android phones will automatically disconnect the charge after full power to ensure that the battery Safetymobile phone battery power

Avoid charging when using the phone

The mobile phone in charging is very radiant, causing great harm to the body. The battery is prone to overheating and there may be a safety incident. Vulnerabilities can cause the charger to leak and hurt people. If you make and receive calls at the same time, the voltage at the instant of the call or connection to the network will exceed the normal multiple times, and it will easily damage the sensitive parts inside the mobile phone. <You can read the article about “How to charge your mobile phone battery“>

mobile phone battery explosion

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