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Generally, mobile phone charger manufacturers will produce multiple types of chargers, which can be roughly divided into travel chargers, cradle chargers, USB chargers, car chargers, solar chargers, wireless chargers, hand chargers, emergency battery chargers, mobile phone chargers, and laptop chargers , Electric car charger, large charger, electric toy charger, lead-acid battery charger, nickel-cadmium battery charger, nickel-metal hydride battery charger, lithium-ion battery charger, maintenance charger, etc.

Type of  phone charger

1.cradle charger


cradle chargers are convenient to carry and use, and have been well received by users. However, there are many brand chargers on the market today, and the quality is uneven. Pay attention to them when buying. Pay attention to the following when purchasing:


(1) Weight. In general, the heavier the charger, the more electronic components the charger uses, to a certain extent, the better the quality of the charger. This method is the most intuitive and effective. When buying, it is better to take a few more different types and types of chargers. Once compared, the advantages and disadvantages are easy to compare.


(2) Function. It mainly depends on the IC (smart chip) it uses. At present, the IC has developed to the third generation. After the improvement of the previous two generations of ICs, chargers made with third-generation ICs are more complete. However, due to fierce market competition, many manufacturers often use lower-cost second-generation ICs to make chargers and impersonate third-generation ICs Manufactured products for sale. Therefore, we must first understand the differences between the three generations of IC functions. If you are using a second-generation IC charger, you need to plug the charger into the socket each time you charge it, and wait until its self-test is complete before placing the battery in the charger.


2.Travel charger


Travel chargers are the most sold in the market. There are also various types of travel chargers. Commonly available are cheap miniature travel chargers, ordinary desktop card-type chargers, and high-end desktop chargers with LCD displays. Given that the vast majority of mobile phone users are non-professional users, the charger basically has a full stop function, and most travel chargers are fast chargers, and the charging time is about 1-3 hours. Many chargers on the market claim to use microcomputer control, including some very cheap miniature travel chargers. In fact, strictly based on the analysis of the charging circuit, only a small number of chargers can be truly microcomputer controlled.

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