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Today, the mainstream USB cables in the market should be Lightning cables and USB Type C cables. Today we review their development history. 

Apple’s Lightning data line was released on September 12, 2012, along with the iPhone 5, which also meant that Apple had officially replaced the Dock IPHONE4 interface. However, Lightning cable has been in use for nearly six years since its appearance. Many parameters have fallen behind Type-C cable. In terms of charging speed, the Lightning cable itself is actually USB2.0+2A, which means that the USB cable does not differ much from the normal USB cable. The iPhone does not support fast charging. It is related to the specifications of the Lightning connector and the cable. iPhone 8 and iPhone X have been available for wireless charging and fast charging!wireless charging

With regard to the Type-C data cable, the Type-C data cable was born soon and it only became popular in 2015. It is a specification of a new type of USB cable and connector. Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc. are all promoting it.

USB3.1 TYPE C cable Series


The USB 3.1Type-C data cable is the latest USB specification. The specification was initiated by major companies such as Intel. Compared with the existing USB technology, the new USB technology uses a more efficient data encoding system, and it is fully backward compatible with the existing USB technology. The USB connector and cable, USB3.1 compatible with the existing USB3.0 software stack and device protocols, 5Gbps hubs and devices, USB 3.1 Type-C shows the arrival of the mobile Internet era, in this era, the more More and more devices—computers, cell phones, tablets, televisions, e-book readers, and even cars—can all use different methods to access the Internet.

USB-C type C cable vs lightning cable


The size of the Type-C interface is about 8.3mm x 2.5mm, which is smaller than the Micro USB interface. In addition, the most practical change is that Type-C cable supports insertion from both sides.

The maximum data transmission speed of Type-C cable can reach 10 Gbit/s, and the maximum output voltage is 20 V, which can shorten the charging time, while the USB-A type, so far the limit transmission rate is 5 Gbps, the output voltage is 5 V; The standard-size connector of the Type-C connector can pass 5A and can provide up to 100W of power. Type-C cable also integrates DP, HDMI, and VGA interfaces. Users only need one Type-C cable to connect an external monitor and video output.(Related article: What are the technical features of Type-C USB Cable?)USB3.1 TYPE C cable Series

USB-C type C cable vs lightning cable


1. Function comparison.

Data transmission capacity is not much different, charging capacity is different, Type-C cable is better than Lightning cable.

2. Technical principles

The technical principles of data transmission are all Serial Communication, Type-C cable has an additional CC line charging protocol

3. Cost

The price of Type-C cable will decline as the market expands and more and more chip products are on the market, far lower than the chip control costs of Lightning cable.

4. User experience

Both sides are pluggable, with little difference, the Lightning interface is smaller, and Type-C cable is interchangeable at both ends.

5. Market dynamics

At present, Apple phones use Lightning cable, other manufacturers use Type-C mobile phone interface, and the future Type-C market will be even bigger. After all, USB is the industry standard, except for the mobile phone market, other electronic products (such as computers, televisions, and cars) can Use Type-C’s charging function and compatible functions of other protocols (such as DisplayPort protocol, lightning interface protocol, etc.).

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