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The difference and connection between USB type-c data cable and USB3.1

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Many people will confuse USB3.1 with USB Type-C. Some USB data cable manufacturers only carry the USB Type-C interface, but advertise that they have all the advantages of USB 3.1, USB 3.1 data cable and USB Type-C data cable. What kind of connection does it have? What are the advantages of usb3.1 USB Type-C?


USB 3.1 and USB Type-C are two different products

Strictly speaking, USB 3.1 is a transmission standard. After the development of USB 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, USB 3.1 has made great progress in all aspects. USB Type-C, exactly, is an interface standard. There are three USB 3.1 interface standards, USB Type A, USB Type B (Micro USB) and the latest USB Type-C. At present, the Type A interface is mainly used as a connection port for computers and other devices. Micro USB is mainly used in small devices such as smart phones and has a wide range of applications. As for the USB Type-C, due to various characteristics, it is called the interface standard that most hopefully unites the interfaces. It is worth noting that there is no absolute correlation between USB 3.1 and USB Type-C. The USB 3.1 standard is not necessarily the USB Type-C interface. So what are the advantages of the USB Type-C interface that supports USB 3.1?(What are the technical features of Type-C USB Cable?

USB type-c data cable


Advantages I. Higher transmission speed

Speaking of high speed, presumably we will think of lightning interfaces. However, due to cost constraints, lightning interfaces have not been popular until today. Corresponding to the thunderbolt interface is USB 3.1. Theoretically, the transmission speed reaches 10Gbps per second. Although it is not as fast as the latest thunderbolt interface, it is completely enough for daily use. In addition, due to the popularity of USB, the latest lightning interface will adopt the USB Type-C standard, and its versatility will be greatly enhanced.


Second, ultra-thin

The USB Type-C interface is significantly smaller in length and width than the older Micro USB interface. For mobile digital products, USB type-c data cable is obviously a better standard. Presumably soon, USB Type-C will definitely replace the Micro USB interface and become the new standard for mobile digital products.


Third, both positive and negative can be inserted

Since Apple introduced the Lightning interface, consumers have been thinking about it. They don’t know when they can use the interface that can be plugged in as well as the Lightning interface. Fortunately, USB Type-C solves this problem perfectly. Like the Lightning interface, the USB Type-C interface has the same front and back. This means that users do not have to worry about the pros and cons of the USB interface.(USB-C type C cable vs lightning cable


Fourth, charging speed

In the absence of breakthroughs in battery technology, fast charging has become the best way to solve the problem of power. However, due to the specification of the old port, the maximum output voltage is 5V. USB Type-C is completely different. It can provide up to 20V voltage and 5A current output, and the maximum output power reaches 100W. This makes USB Type-C can take charge of most of the digital devices on the market. At present, Apple’s Macbook has adopted the USB Type-C interface to provide power. Presumably soon, there will be more and more vendors using this standard. Unlike the USB interface of the past, USB Type-C can not only be used to charge and transmit data, but also used as a MIDI output line for PTP photo transmission. Perhaps not far in the future, the wired interface that can be found on digital devices, only the USB Type-C.


Despite all the benefits of USB Type-C, relatively expensive accessory prices have become the biggest obstacle to the popularity of USB Type-C. It is believed that with the efforts of mobile phone accessories wholesalers, USB Type-C will soon become a consumer’s life. Irreplaceable part.

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