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How to use phone charger safely? – phone charger wholesale

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With the development of communication technology, mobile phones have gradually become an indispensable part of people’s lives and work. Charging mobile phones has become a trivial matter in daily life, but do you know? Small things in daily life, In fact, there are also hidden security risks. Every year, the number of fires caused by the charging of mobile phones is not uncommon. To eliminate safety hazards and ensure the safety of mobile phones and mobile phone chargers, here are some suggestions on how to use phone charger safely:


1, It is best to use direct charge


The original mobile phone charger has an overvoltage protection circuit and is equipped with a rectifier transformer device, which can make the high voltage change to low voltage and the direct current to AC power. The universal chargers are mostly produced by informal manufacturers, without protective coils, which are easy to make voltage or current too high and unstable. Excessively high voltages tend to cause the battery to swell, sometimes causing a dangerous explosion, and the phone is easily burned out.


2. Do not cover anything when the phone is charging.


When charging, the voltage of the mobile phone is higher than the standby state. If an unqualified battery or mobile phone charger is used, and the environment is poor when charging, such as high temperature and humidity, an accident may occur.



use phone charger safely


3, unplug the power plug when not in use


After charging is finished, remember to unplug the power cord to prevent the power bus from causing a fire.


4, select the quality qualified charger


When purchasing mobile phone chargers and batteries, be sure to choose qualified products from regular manufacturers. Do not buy products with unqualified performance for cheap. Experts pointed out that a good charger has an overheat protection circuit inside. When its internal temperature reaches a certain value, it will automatically disconnect the power supply to a certain degree of protection.

Some tips on how to use phone charger safely are shared here for you. To ensure the safety of your mobile phone charger, we must use quality charger products, especially those that are safety certified.


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