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Vivo appearance is fully upgraded: no border + 100% screen ratio

197 views Yuda Electronic (HK) Technology Co.,Limited. 2019-02-15

Mobile phone manufacturers want to develop better in the current era, it is necessary to enhance the appearance and configuration of mobile phones. Since entering the era of intelligence, mobile phones are no longer a tool for making calls, but an essential necessity in life. Nowadays, mobile phone users have become more picky. Now if you choose a mobile phone, you can still look at the price and design of the mobile phone. A good design will leave a good first impression to the user.


Recently, there have been reports in the media that the new Vivo machine has been fully upgraded. The new Vivo machine will be the world’s first 100% screen-capable mobile phone in the true sense, and it is also another appearance of Vivo mobile phone except Vivo NEX. Innovative mobile phones. Combined with the appearance renderings and mobile phone parameters given by the media, this phone can be regarded as the pinnacle of Vivo mobile phones, the true meaning of the borderless mobile phone. Let’s take a look at this fully upgraded new machine and see what’s great about this new Vivo machine.

Vivo appearance is fully upgraded

From the front of the mobile rendering, this phone uses a 100% full screen design. This phone is also very distinctive, and does not use a lift camera, nor does it have a new camera front camera hiding technology, but cancels the front camera. In general, canceling the front camera can really increase the screen ratio of the phone, which can make the phone look better. However, the lack of a front camera can cause inconvenience to the user’s experience.


The rear design of this new vivo machine is also very beautiful, using a matrix camera design, the rear two cameras are placed in the black matrix groove, and the OLED flash is placed next to the camera. Such a rear design may divide the evaluation of this phone into two poles, one is very like, and the other is very dislike. The pixels of the rear two cameras are 40 million + 12 million pixels, respectively, using f / 1.2 + f / 2.4 aperture. It is worth mentioning that the rear camera of this phone uses the sensor of Sony IMX586, which has 10 times phase focusing and OIS optical image stabilization technology.

Vivo appearance is fully upgraded


In terms of unlocking, the current mainstream unlocking methods on the market include 3D structured light recognition, infrared recognition, under-screen fingerprint recognition and fingerprint recognition. However, according to the feedback from mobile phone manufacturers in the past, the fingerprint sensor has too much influence on the appearance of the mobile phone, and the fingerprint on the screen has many drawbacks. The 3D structured light and infrared recognition cannot be used under some extreme conditions. With this in mind, vivo uses the screen unlocking +3D structured light recognition for this phone. Under the premise of ensuring security, the speed of unlocking the mobile phone is accelerated, and both functions can be used simultaneously.


In terms of configuration, this new Vivo is equipped with the most powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor on the market, with 8GB of running memory. In terms of memory, this phone is only available in 256GB version. It is worth mentioning that this phone has a much higher battery capacity than other mobile phones because of the cancellation of the front camera. According to the data, this new vivo will be equipped with a large capacity battery of 5250 mAh. Support 50W speed fast charge.



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