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Will Charging Phone Overnight Damage?

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Today, a good smartphone is more expensive than a regular computer, and it costs $1,000. After many people bought a new mobile phone, the troubles followed. When you sleep at night, the battery has 30% remaining. If you don’t charge it, the next day may be inconvenient because the phone is out of power. But if you want to charge, it will be charged all night, unless you set an alarm clock, wake up in the middle of the night and then unplug the charger. Obviously, this is impossible. Charge or not? This is only a small problem, but many people are entangled in this, so the small problem becomes a big trouble.


The phone is charged all night, called “overcharge”, and its corresponding is “over-discharge” – the phone battery has been used until no power. Is “over-discharge” damaged the battery? The answer is 100% and may even cause the battery to be unusable. But is “overcharge” good? Because the charging environment is different, the battery quality is good or bad, and the final result is naturally different.

Will Charging Phone Overnight Damage


For mobile phone manufacturers, battery manufacturers or phone charger wholesale manufacturers, what is the biggest loss caused by the “over-discharge” and “overcharge” of the battery? The answer is “overcharge.” Because “overcharge” may cause an explosion. Mobile phone manufacturers will face huge compensation. Many mobile phone manuals have been announced to users in advance, do not use the phone until no power.


Since “overcharge” is the most dangerous for consumers and mobile phone manufacturers, mobile phone manufacturers or battery manufacturers will inevitably take corresponding measures to prevent the danger of overcharging of mobile phones.


Charging protection


All regular mobile phone batteries have an “overcharge protection circuit” that allows the battery to automatically stop charging when it is fully charged to prevent overcharging, overheating, etc. There are often several types of protection for overcharge in mobile phones. 

Will Charging Phone Overnight Damage


Many people’s laptops, because they are connected to the big screen, often the power cord is not connected for several weeks. Like a mobile phone, a laptop uses the same lithium-ion battery. Since the laptop can be connected to the power cord for several weeks, the phone is charged the same all night.


Battery cycle


In addition, many people may have another concern. For example, before going to sleep, the mobile phone still has 75% of the power, and wants to charge, but is worried that this will consume the battery’s charging cycle.

The battery charge cycle is an important parameter to measure battery life. For example, the charging cycle of the iPhone battery is 500 times. Although many people know this, they often mistakenly believe that the battery life is 500 times of charging, which is wrong.


One charging cycle of the battery means that the battery uses 100% of the total power, which is a cycle. In real life, in order to effectively use a charging cycle, many people like to wait until the battery is almost empty, which is harmful.


To be more convincing, let’s take a look at Apple’s official statement: You can charge your Apple Lithium-Ion battery whenever you need it. There is no need to first discharge 100% before charging. Apple Lithium-Ion batteries operate in a charge cycle. If you use 100% of the battery capacity, you complete a charge cycle, but not necessarily by one charge. For example, you might use 75% of your day’s power and then fully charge your device at night. If you use 25% of the power the next day, the total discharge will reach 100%, thus completing a charge cycle in two days. It may take a few days for you to complete a charging cycle. After a certain amount of charging, any type of battery capacity will be reduced. The capacity of a lithium-ion battery is slightly reduced as each charge cycle is completed. Apple Lithium-Ion batteries can maintain at least 80% of the original battery capacity after many charge cycles, depending on the product.


The above information clearly tells us why you can charge your phone anytime, anywhere. To give an extreme example: Suppose you use 10% of electricity every day for 10 days, and it is full at night, then it takes 10 days to complete a charging cycle. In short, the charging cycle depends on your usage, not the number of charging cycles.


Finally, it should be noted that some batteries have a charging cycle of 500 times. It is not that the battery can not be used after 500 times of completion. After completing 500 charging cycles, the total battery capacity will be reduced to 80% of the original battery capacity.

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