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Different Types of Wireless Charging – Wireless Charging Technology

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Wireless charger


A wireless charger is a charger that is connected to the device without a charging cable. The latest wireless charging technology, by using the magnetic field generated between the coils to transfer electrical energy, inductive coupling technology will become a bridge connecting charging stations and equipment.


Different Types of Wireless Charging - Wireless Charging Technology


Wireless charger features


1. In theory, wireless charging technology is harmless to human body safety. The principle used in wireless charging is magnetic field resonance, which is transmitted only between coils that resonate at the same frequency, while other devices cannot accept the band. In addition, wireless charging technology The magnetic field used is itself harmless to the human body. However, wireless charging technology is a new type of charging technology, many people will worry that the wireless charging technology will appear just like the Wi-Fi. In fact, the technology itself is harmless. 


2. The wireless charging technology uses magnetic resonance to transmit electrical energy between the electric field and the magnetic field between the charger and the device, and the coil and the capacitor form a resonance between the charger and the device.


3. This system can be widely used in the future, such as charging areas for electric vehicles and power transmission for computer chips.


4. the conversion effect has always been a concern of many people, MIT research shows that the loss of wireless charging technology is lower than the wired charging technology. The wireless charging conversion effect is about 5% higher than the cable. Higher conversions are also a key factor in the global adoption of wireless chargers. However, wireless charging technology is also limited by distance. In the future, it is necessary to solve the problem of long-distance transmission.


5. the core chip is one of the difficulties in the application of wireless charging technology. The precise radiation range control, the magnetic field frequency, and other controls are all implemented by the chip.


Mobile phone wireless charging is a relatively new charging method, the principle is actually very simple, is to separate the ordinary transformer to achieve the purpose of wireless charging. Of course, the wireless charging frequency is relatively high, and even the energy can be transmitted directly through the coil.


Different Types of Wireless Charging - Wireless Charging Technology


What kinds of wireless chargers are there?


1, desktop wireless charger


(1) simple and beautiful;


(2) It is convenient and quick to use without frequent insertion and removal;


(3) Don’t worry about the incompatibility between Samsung and Apple connectors. The wireless chargers that support Qi and other standards can be charged.


(4) When answering the call, there is no risk of electric shock, and you can answer the call at any time;


(5) Let the battery work longer life.


(6) No need for wired interface, waterproof.


2, car wireless charger


With the improvement of living standards, we will encounter some charging problems when we drive out. The car wireless charger is an essential item for us to drive safely.


3, portable wireless charger


4, mosaic wireless charger


Different Types of Wireless Charging - Wireless Charging Technology


Will the wireless charger damage the phone?


The wireless charger will not harm the mobile phone under normal circumstances. The current frequency of wireless charging is below 1M, so there is no impact on the signal of the mobile phone. Wireless charging has no effect on the battery life of the mobile phone, and it is the same as the wired charging, but the speed is lower, the wireless charger has a high power conversion rate and more energy saving. The wireless charger mainly uses inductive coupling technology. Because the coupling technology mainly generates current through the magnetic field of the coil, the internal structure of the battery is not damaged during the energization process. At present, most mobile phones on the market conform to the QI wireless charging standard, and built-in wireless receivers have rated voltage and current, so the wireless charger has no effect on the mobile phone.


Note on using the wireless charger


1. Please use original or certified products for charging plug.


As an electrical product, it is recommended to use the original plug, because it is specially developed for your mobile phone, the charging speed is guaranteed, and secondly, the security is guaranteed. In addition, other certified products can be used, but they must be consistent with the original plug parameters. Certified products are required from design to production, and safety is guaranteed.


2, select the charging line


The charging cable is also the same, it is best to use the original charging cable, the core material inside the charging cable, the wire diameter, and the material of the charging interface metal contact piece, the size will determine the current. The inferior charging wire diameter is significantly smaller than the specified value, and there is no insulating protective film. If the inferior charging cable is used, the insulation performance is poor, the current carried is small, the charging speed is slowed down, and even the battery is damaged, causing electric shock and fire.


3, the first charge is not suitable for too long


The current battery is basically a lithium battery or a polymer lithium battery. The first charge only needs to be charged as usual!


Different Types of Wireless Charging - Wireless Charging Technology


4. Does the new phone need to be activated?


The new mobile phone needs to use all the power in the mobile phone, and then charge it, and it needs to be operated 3-4 times repeatedly. This is called activation. Previous mobile phones needed to do this, but today’s lithium batteries are no longer needed.


5, charging does not wear the phone case


In order to protect the mobile phone, many people will use the phone case! But the lithium battery will be hot when charging, so it is best to remove the phone case to charge.

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