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What factors affect the phone charging speed?

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1. Power adapter (charger)


The power output of the power adapter (charger) can meet the needs of the mobile phone. According to the battery capacity, the mobile phone has different requirements for the charging current, typically 05C-0.8C. For example, the battery of the 2000MAH 0.5C is the current 1A, 0.8C is 1.6A, and the charging current is between 1A and 1.6A. In general, mobile phones generally set a value for this value, 1A or 2A, in order to meet the output standard of the power adapter (charger) on the market. The simple one can be understood as the charging current of the battery capacity is less than 2500MAH is generally 1A, the charging current is greater than 2500MAH is 2A.

full copper core USB cable

Select the power adapter output current is greater than the phone’s charging current. There is a common misconception that some people think that high-powered chargers will burn mobile phones or overcharge the battery. In fact, the output current of the power adapter is its maximum output. The actual input current when the mobile phone is charged is determined by the control circuit of the mobile phone. Is not determined by the power adapter. Burning a cell phone or overcharging a battery is a poor quality power adapter. The output voltage of the power adapter exceeds 5.2V and is determined by long-term charge. It has nothing to do with high power. When choosing a power adapter, choose a power that is a bit more demanding than your phone, so that for the power adapter, it is not running at full capacity and the current output is more stable.


2. USB cable


The USB data cable is connected to the charger and the mobile phone because the data line has resistance. If the resistance is too large, it will cause a large amount of power loss on the data line. Affecting the charging speed, the copper wires in some fake USB data cables on the market are very thin, not even pure copper, and the resistance is very high, which may cause your charging speed to slow down or even fail to charge.


3. charging mode


Is the charging mode limited? If you use an improper way to charge it may also be limited charging current, resulting in your power adapter can not work. Current limiting has two common methods. One is charging in data transmission mode. The current will be limited to less than 0.5A. It is common for people who use the computer’s USB port to charge their mobile phones. The easiest way to solve this problem is to replace the data cable with a dedicated charging cable.


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