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Importing Phone Accessories Wholesale from China

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If you are a mobile phone accessories wholesaler/distributor, your first step is definitely to consider your purchase channel. Finding the purchase channel is very simple, you can go online such as Alibaba, Google to find a large number of mobile phone accessories suppliers. But finding a good supplier is not a simple matter. In addition to price, first of all, to ensure the quality of the product, the quality determines the sales of your product, and then, the supplier must have sufficient production capacity to ensure your inventory. The most important thing is freight. If you are often detained by customs, it will be very bad.

First of all, today we are sharing a case study on the import of mobile phone accessories. For readers engaged in the business of mobile phone accessories, you can get some help. This is a story about importers buying mobile phone accessories from China.


Importing Phone Accessories Wholesale from China


The first step: looking for a mobile phone accessories supplier


Our clients run a small but mature mobile phone accessories store. Like most importers, they want to offer a variety of products. So they buy products from a number of suppliers, their main focus is to find a supplier that mainly produces mobile phone accessories.

Finding a supplier of mobile phone accessories in China is a good choice, but it should be noted that some companies in China have a large number of customers, but the number and variety of products they offer are very mixed. Purchasing from such suppliers is a serious risk. Suppliers can stop selling products to customers. Second, it takes a lot of time to deal with different issues. It is more efficient to buy multiple products from the same supplier. In addition, you have become a very important customer of them. At the same time, you can get a cheaper offer.


The second step: sample list


After the layout is ready, we have placed a sample order. Since the customer does not need any product customization, the cost of the sample does not exceed $50. Assuming our customers want to customize product designs or custom packaging, the total cost will be 10-20 times. If you buy small quantities, try to avoid product customization.


The third step: payment and shipping


Then the customer starts to place an order. There are two things that must be done before starting shipping. First, the customer must pay all the cost of the product first, and then start shipping after the account is received. Second, we need an agreement. The agreement mainly fills in two functions.

1.) It conveys our product specifications and quality requirements. Used to solve some misunderstandings, such as wrong colors or fonts.

2.) It prevents suppliers from deceiving buyers in quality

Now we have reached an agreement. The customer pays for the order, and if it needs to be customized, the supplier starts production. In stock, ship immediately within two days.


The fourth step: Shipment.


You may want to know how we ship the product? We called the international shipping company and they picked up the items and loaded it on the plane. There is really nothing to say. Ok, there is one point, it makes sense to use air transport instead of shipping.

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